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speaking with animals
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Your pet is suddenly doing funny things?

Like peeing in the house or snapping people?

To make a long story short:
Your pet has bad habits?

Nobody can solve the problem?
No trainer, no vet?

Why not asking your pet for a solution?

Any type of animal can be read as long as they are willing to speak.

My own Story:
My dog Lea came from bad circumstances to me. It took me a long time to get her trust. One day we met children in the bus on our way to the vet. Lea was growling and barking. I asked why she’s doing this. Lea answered, that she was treated by children, when she was a puppy, and that it was very awful for her. So now I know, that I have to be very careful with my dog and children.
Thank you for that Karin and thank you for teaching me how to speak with animals.


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